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  • 必凯得商贸

The dream of ideal sleep: Maxime was developed in perfect interplay with the Wittmann sleeping system Arcadia. Soft lines and shapes bring comfort into the bedroom. The removable back cushion allows for a comfortable reading position with pleasant support in the lower back. The bed stands on two runners, which give it its floating character. As an optical and functional extension, the square shelves with solid wood or leather surface which are attached on the left and right of the headboard and frame also have a concealed storage space. Optionally, Maxime can be extended at the foot end by a board which can serve as a shelf for plaids or cushions. If you would like to bring color into play, the back cushion can be covered in a contrasting material.

梦寐以求的理想睡眠。Maxime与Wittmann睡眠系统中的Arcadia床垫完美结合。柔和的线条和形状将将舒适的感觉带入卧室。可拆卸的靠背靠垫,让您在舒适的阅读姿势中获得背部支撑。床体由两条轨道支撑,赋予其独特的漂浮轻盈感。作为视觉和功能的延伸,床头板和床架左右两侧均配有实木或皮革表面的方形置物架,并包含隐蔽的储物空间。可选择的是,Maxime 底端可延伸出一块木板,可作为放置单元或靠垫的架子。如果你想把色彩的功效发挥到极致,Maxime的靠背可选择与床体不同的颜色。

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